The Sonoexams

Links to our currently published Sonoexam protocols. In the absence of road models we invented them ourselves. There are two levels of Sonoexams as briefly described below. The list of published Sonoexams will grow with time. Some technical details are tailor made for our own department and may not apply to other departments, but the core Sonoexam scanning protocols may be examples for any department to follow. Feel free to copy our Sonoexams for your own non-profit use. Beware that we take the liberty of making changes to them, without notice, as we see fit. However, the present protocols are very stable and have not been altered the past years.

Last Sonoexam update: 22 March 2008

Level 1 Sonoexams

Level 1 Sonoexams are designed to provide full diagnostic information which is sufficient for fully diagnostic workstation reading.

Nivå 1 Sonoexams

Våra PM om standardiserade Sonoexams på svenska.

Niveau 1 Sonoexams

Vores instrukser om standardiserede Sonoexams på dansk (tak til Jakob Lauritsen, Herlev Hospital).