"You can't change what you don't acknowledge" (Dr. Phil)

A site dedicated to the resurrection of Ultrasound in our Radiology Departments by means of Sonodynamics, a concept for fully documented and standardized ultrasound exams. Please spend 30 minutes on the important background presentations by visiting the links below. Hopefully the presentations will inspire you, and support your efforts to give Ultrasound the good reputation it deserves.

Sonodynamics fundamentals

In-depth explanation of general Sonoexam principles.

Exam protocols

Our currently published standardized Sonoexams.
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The background and The efforts

AuntMinnie articles. Why ultrasound in radiology needs a new way of thinking.
A few steps are required to create a user name for access to these articles.

Why standardization of ultrasound exams?

Sonodynamics FAQ.

Sonodynamics US procedures

Based on results, a successful way of solving the dependability problems of US in radiology.

The workstation

Visual effects of exam standardization.
Install the DivX codec for clips to play! Works with MS Internet Explorer.

Suggested terminology and accreditation program

Well, someone has to be the first to try...

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) website:

A teaching file on contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in officially recognized indications.


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